Guitars from Agadez (mp3 post)
Protest music from Tuareg musicians in Niger. Bambino, or Omoura Moctar, and his band Group Bombino, are my introduction to Saharan guitar. I've only listened to the first album, Guitars from Agadez: Music of Niger once. I enjoy it, but Bambino is my love. He is an exile in Burkina Faso for his protest music, and currently, or soon to be, touring internationally and promoting his upcoming album and a documentary being produced by Zero Gravity Films.

mp3 format, megaupload
Guitars from Agadez: Music of Niger Group Inerane
Guitars from Agadez, vol. 2 Group Bombino

If you like these albums, I strongly suggest you buy them from Lobefood, Sublime Frequencies' download site.

Guitars from Agadez, Inerane
Guitars from Agadez, Bombino


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